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My Arcido Backpack review is based on using it across twenty-five trips, a mixture of relaxed exploring and work. I’ve used it mostly as a carry-on to avoid luggage fees, packed with a laptop and always using public transport.

Edit 05/01/23: Most recently, I’ve used the Arcido Faroe backpack to do my weekly shopping at Exarchia Farmer’s Market in Athens. For those in the know, its location on Kallidromiou Street is up a steep hill. The backpack has earned its keep and works well for schlepping back a week’s worth of fruit ‘n’ veg; a few loaves of sesame bread; crumbly Feta from a giant, traditional tin; and an essential kilo of briny olives.

I prefer to research endlessly, then make a decision on something I know will last. I hate cheapness and bargain hunting. It’s only a bargain if it’s a genuine reduction on a quality product that you actually want and doesn’t need replaced within the year, right?! This is one of those times where spending a little extra to get a quality product will save you money in the long run. Purchasing it off the Arcido site, I got this item for £100 (currently: £79).

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My Requirements

This was my shortlist:

  • Lightweight, yet robust material
  • Tall, skinny profile
  • Minimum 35L capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Padded, separate laptop compartment
  • Separate internal areas or zipped pouches
  • External pockets
  • Water bottle holder
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Does the Arcido Faroe Backpack Match Up to Its Hype?

As someone who deals with chronic pain on a daily basis, carrying or pulling a wheeled suitcase is simply out of the question. It had to be a backpack – forcing the weight onto my shoulders instead. I also prefer to have my hands free, for taking pictures, showing ID or tickets and making purchases.

Relying on public transport when I travel involves a lot of squeezing on and off trains and buses. My most important requirement was a backpack that was lightweight and something that would not decapitate fellow passengers as I walked the gangplank between seats.

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The Arcido Faroe Backpack Delivers on Endurance, Agility and Style

Water repellent sailcloth material means you can lift the backpack empty (1.8lb) with a little finger, reserving your budget airline carry-on weight allowance – and surprisingly capacious, yet slimline, 35L size – for your clothes, devices, camera, and other gear.

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Overall, the Arcido has dispensed with the I’m-off-to-do-the-Appalachian-Trail look common to traditional rucksacks. It’s minimal and sleek enough to use as an extra bag for a work trip. And, the ripstop sailcloth makes it seem impossible to score, no matter how many times it’s slung on and off a luggage compartment. In terms of airline overhead lockers, its dimensions are 55 x 35 x 20cm / 22″ x 14″ x 8″. So, it’s already passed muster on about eight persnickety, budget European airlines.

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Secure and Padded Comfort for You and Your Electronics

The laptop compartment has a clever, vertical suspension strap which – even though it’s heavily padded throughout – allows your biggest electronic device to sit just off the bottom of the bag, meaning accidental slips don’t become expensive. There is so much extra padding in this compartment, I’ve dropped the bag many times without the velcro suspension strap fully secured and without incident. If you trek through as many airport security lines as me, you’ll appreciate the fact that the separate back-opening laptop compartment means you can quickly remove and replace your laptop for the security conveyor belt trays.

In the same compartment, there are also three additional zipped or velcro pouches for cables, power banks, pens, notebooks, or phones.

The shoulder straps are not heavily padded, yet it’s enough to make the backpack really comfortable to wear even when fully laden and jogging between connecting flights. This adds a reassuring level of protection even on the outside of the laptop compartment when the Arcido Faroe backpack is squashed into bus and train luggage bays.

Further padding covers the top handle, very useful when slinging it in and out of taxi trunks. Since I bought the Arcido Faroe backpack, it’s been upgraded with an additional wide, padded waist strap and a skinny, elasticated chest strap (both of which can be purchased separately as an add-on to my older version).

Hidden and Unobtrusive Compartments

There are several external compartments on the Arcido Faroe backpack:

  • The first is on the top front, a loose, zipped pouch that is useful catchall for the usual detritus that collates as you’re rushing through airports – drinks, snacks, receipts, wipes and earphones
  • The second is a flat, zipped slot just behind the top handle and above the shoulder straps – convenient for a passport, tickets or a small notebook
  • The third and fourth are two stretchy tripod/waterbottle/selfie stick/umbrella slots on each side of the backpack that remain flat when not in use
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Arcido Faroe Backpack Top Three Features

  1. Lightweight, yet sturdy sailcloth material
  2. Tall, skinny profile with no swinging straps
  3. Uber padded, separate and secure laptop compartment

Where Can Buy It?

Arcido is an Edinburgh company that makes ergonomically designed, elegant backpacks that include a clever array of flexible storage, carrying and security features.

You can purchase the Arcido Faroe backpack on the Arcido website.

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